Applied College
نموذج لصفحات الكليات
About the College ▮    

 One of the most important objectives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 is to harmonize the outputs of education and the labor market in order to keep pace with the rapid and comprehensive changes in all areas of life and improve the quality of services provided by the educational institution. The progress and success of societies in various fields, so the Applied College sought to develop various programs and specializations in line with the rapid developments of life, which ensures the supply of the labor market with qualified cadres by providing an appropriate and attractive educational environment capable of preparing graduates and training them on work skills in line with development goals. Graduates to integrate seamlessly into their societies and qualify them to be active members who serve their country and contribute to its scientific, economic and social renaissance, but more than that, it helps them to excel, demonstrate creativity and achieve psychological and professional stability, which ensures the development of education outcomes, increase employment rates and reduce dropout rates

College Objectives ▮    
  Providing various applied programs that keep pace with the needs of the labor market. need  *  
  Strengthening core values and skills that guarantee success in working life  *          
  Conducting sustainable training and employment partnerships with various business sectors  *          
Vision ▮    

  An applied college that offers a variety of programs that keep pace with the changing aspirations of the labor market     

Mission  ▮    

 Providing the labor market with professionally qualified students that contribute to the prosperity of the economy