Community College







About the College:

The Community College was established at University of Jeddah based on the Royal Decree No. 7385 dated 26/2/1434 H. The College includes three departments: General Courses, Computer & Information Technology and Business Administration.    .c

Based on the Kingdom vision 2030, the Community College role is providing professional educational programs for students in many fields that meet the requirements of the labor market through awarding diplomas certificates in various disciplines as well as qualifying students to obtain various professional certificates and give them an opportunity to have hands on experience in companies and industries to develop necessary professional and personal skill.s


 College Objectives::s

1. Community service through the provision of multiple educational programs that meet the needs of the labor market.

2. Studying the actual need for professional specialties in different business sectors.

3. Promote the basic values and skills for students and support aspects of innovation and entrepreneurship.

4. Make partnership with private sectors for training opportunities and training with job placement guarantee.